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Request unapproved

My request was this:
I need a composition on COMPUTER. I am expecting sincere use of grammar+latinized sentence +complex sentence structure +relative quotations (if possible) in the composition.If interested -please contact me via message & i would provide a sample composition to get an idea about my expectation level.
This request gets unapproved and i have received this;

We’d like to inform you that your request for the service “I need a composition on Computer.I…” wasn’t approved due to one (or more) of the following reasons:

  • The request includes payment information.
  • The request includes contact information (e.g., ■■■■■, email, phone number).
  • The service you requested violates our [Terms of Service].
  • The service you requested is not offered on Fiverr.
  • Your message is suspected as spam (e.g., promotional, and out of context content)

1.I didn’t include any payment info
2.I have only asked to contact via message -is that a violation?
3.I am not sure how this violates the TOS :
4. I am sure that there is many gigs on paragraph/creative writing
5.I believe this isn’t spam.
Can anyone please clarify what’s the probable issue? Is the problem is to instrct contact via message???

Maybe they didn’t know what you meant or thought it could be academic work - that you could be asking for academic work to be done that someone would give as their own. Maybe saying “I need a composition on computer” wasn’t clear enough for Fiverr to understand what you meant.

Or it could be because you asked them to contact you via message. But since you didn’t ask them to contact you via email that isn’t as serious as that but from the buyer request page there’s no proper way to contact a buyer via message and the buyers are supposed to send offers to requests and not contact the buyers directly (though if the buyer is giving permission maybe it’s okay in that case).

You could contact CS and ask them though so you’d know the actual reason for it not being approved.

This is the reason you got warning.

This is against TOS.

You are not supposed to ask to get messages.

It seems like the request was not approved because they believe you intended to do academic work. However, I am sure you were not willing to do that so please ask the support what should be deleted from the description. Thank you!