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Request Unspam to undo this, why? Any suggestion?


Sometimes clients message there are a warning message “XYZ user no longer will be contact with you. Submit an unspam request to undo this.” why this is happening? Is it risk to work with that client? Any suggestion or experience please share.



Maybe they’ve sent the same message to many other sellers and that might be why it’s been marked as spam - or maybe one or more of the other sellers who received the message marked it as spam - or the wording in it might have caused it to be flagged. Not replying to it will lower your response rate. If you don’t think it’s spam, you can submit the unspam request. It’s best to use your judgement to decide whether it’s worth doing. It might be (I had an order from someone whose message had been automatically flagged as spam - that I had to submit an un-spam request for once.).


Thanks for your reply and information. But by the way the client is To Rated Client.