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Requested monkey baby puppy clown!


Lol per request from the fonthaunt and as a dare. I have made the ultimate MONKEY BABY PUPPY CLOWN! LET THE NIGHTMARE COMMENCE!


Next step is to make one that talks!


That is horrific!

Well done :smiley:


Kill it before it multiplies! ( I had to look up puppy baby monkey to see what you were talking about, wish I hadn’t.)


You are welcome. I was a Super Bowl victim.



After you make it talk, it should be part of a gig. Steps 2 and 3!


This should be a niche! Crossfying different human/beast/clowns thing!


:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


For designers this could be a great clickbait gig. “I will combine virtual DNA and make you a hybrid monster!”


I am wondering if this image is something that if used would be a copyright violation.


Hahaha, I do not know a monkey/baby/puppy/clown with those kind of teeth. But the feature looks good! Well done!


Sweet baby Satan, kill it with fire before it spreads to the interwebs