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Requested partial refund to be fair but now want to cancel

Hired a “pro” to help me reinstate my suspended Amazon account. It wasn’t cheap, but I looked at his good reviews and decided to hire him. He created a letter full of lies, plus a couple of typos that I needed his feedback on to fix (he never responded to two questions about these mistakes). He keeps telling me if he changes the letter to “my specifications” I won’t get Amazon reinstatement. I’m willing to pay him SOMETHING for his work, even though I suspect it’s a cut-and-paste situation. I communicated with him specifically what needed to be changed and he ignored me–it was like he was blaming me for the problems. Should I just reject the entire thing?


In my opinion, I think you should just cancel the order. The buyer didn’t provide you with what you ordered and they aren’t giving you proper responses! I hope this helps!


As much as you want to be nice, the job was not completed to your satisfaction and is not usable.


That’s the only way the Seller will understand this situation.


Simply cancel the order if he ignored your requests. He should complete your all requirements.

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No such thing as a partial refund on Fiverr.

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Thank you for comments. I have cancelled his order. Last communication with him was that I was “making excuses.” I have only hired one other Fivver pro before and I had no issue.