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Requested revision but not provided any info and not even responding

Well its been more than 28days i’m facing this problem.

One month ago a buyer came to me and said he needed a landing page for his ecommerce site.
It was a coming soon landing page with a countdown timer for one month(till 18january 2020). I designed the page a delivered in time. Then he requested a revision saying “sending contents for images” that means he wanted to replace the images with his own but unfortunately its been whole one month he didn’t provide me the images so that i can replace and redeliver the product.

I messaged him asking for images for so much time but he not even tried to reply me.
Yes he comes online but ignores my messages. In his profile it shows new five star reviews that means he’s buying services on fiverr from other sellers.

Today is 16january 2020 and the countdown timer will be closed 18january. I’m scared if he wants refund after 18jan even though he used my product for one whole month.

Now what can i do? Should i keep silence? Any suggestions for me?


please go to Customer Support. request for extend time delivery…Good Luck

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why would i go to customer support for extending time? I don’t get it what you’re saying. I don’t have any problem of “late delivery” because i already delivered one month ago. Please read my query again


when he requested a revision , countdown timer still active right??? so for sure we need to ask for extend delivery time…but if he already approved your last delivery and then he ask for revision, just ask for extra charge only…easy right??

no it’s not. even if countdown is active again it wouldn’t affect his stats.

@rajibbarua_exp on your place i think I would’ve take a risk of redelivering again with a message that you waited for a month for his update and revision instructions and you can not keep it open for such a long time without an actual revisions request and him using your delivery without approving an order and that you are happy to provide revisions as soon as he will send you all the photos he wanted to add