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Requested revisions by replying to message,and feedback on image, yet work marked as complete

Hi there, a bit confused, I recieved some images from a designer, and although the work was decent I wanted some revisions. I replied to his messages with the required revisions within a few hours. After that I got an email saying ‘you only have one day to respond’, so I went back to the artwork and this time I left the revisions feedback directly on the images. However just now I got an email saying the work has automatically been marked as complete :frowning:

Whats going on? Not sure how else I could have requested changes other than directly on the message thread and on the images themselves?

Thanks in advance,


Hi Tim.

At some point, you’re asked if you’re satisfied or still need revisions. Watch this video in the Buyer Help Center article linked below, it shows when/where/what to click, so perhaps you’ll know if you did everything correctly then and there may have been a bug (contact support) or if you missed something.


Like it shows in the video linked above, you need to click on “No” to “Are you pleased with the delivery and ready to approve it?” then select a relevant button after that (eg. “I still need revisions”). Doing that would have stopped it automatically completing. You can do that for future orders.

For this order you could contact the seller and see if they can send you a revision in the inbox if you still have free revision(s) left.


Thanks for the help guys, yes I can see the mistake I made, I took the question literally as I was happy with the work for a first draft! :slight_smile: I contacted the seller and thankfully they are still happy to make the revisions