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Requester: say2raman49 is suspended [ARCHIVED]


I am level 2 seller on fiverr but yesterday one person gave me fake review i got 100% rating on all of my order but he gave me negative rating and said false think that his follower are decreasing every day but when i check everything is normal i started order on 0 and now his followers are 127 and my gig was i give you 110 “followers” but he he said his followers are decreasing which is not right his followers are 127 and it’ll not removed or decrease.

and when i tried to contact fiverr support team than it’s showing me Requester: say2raman49 is suspended."" so anyone please tell me what is this? I am level 2 seller but not getting support from fiverr wow i am really surprised. So please help me so solve this issue because it’s fake review and my all services are 100% refundable if users were not satisfied.


You do have a negative review but your account is showing up normally and your gigs are active.

If you sent more than one ticket to Support or you weren’t polite with them, they may have blocked you from creating additional tickets. Under current policy they are very unlikely to remove one single review. I would suggest you just work hard to get more positive reviews. Your category is a difficult one. Most social media sites disallow some types of paid traffic.


Firstly i have never ever send any ticket to fiverr support team so why they ban me? and i got 100% rating so there is no chance of my quality issue this user gave fake review. even his works is completed but they said followers are decreasing but when i check his order so he got 17 followers extra and his works has completed. He just gave me fake review.


And how do you know his/her review is “fake”? Buyers are allowed to leave a review based upon their reflection of the service you provided. Apparently that buyer was not pleased with the work you did for them. Just because his/her review was not a 5-star review does not make it “fake”.


I will accept that review if he said that my quality was not good but he said followers are dropping but there are not any follower drop. I was delivered the work in 1 day one more thing i have completed 80+ orders on that gig all users were happy but he said false think that his followers are decreasing but all followers are there. That’s why i said its a fake reviews. and i always refund uses money if they were not satisfied.


And how many non-5-star orders did you refund (before the current Fiverr policy went into effect) just so that all of your listed reviews could be perfect 5-star reviews?

I think you may be overreacting over this ONE negative review. Accept it, and move on. It has not, in any notable way ruined your Fiverr seller reputation.

Unfortunately, the truth is, you are not going to receive all 5-star reviews on every order. That ship has sailed. Buyers are encouraged to post reviews according to their experiences and the services you provide. If they rate you lower than 5 – 4 – even 3 stars, then those are the nature of your reviews. Not everyone is going to be 100% in love with your work. Now that sellers cannot offer refunds in order to remove reviews, you will likely receive lower reviews from time to time. This is how business works here on Fiverr.

The days of featured perfection are long gone. Do your best with every order you deliver, shake off the critical reviews, and move on.


Be aware too… you are selling social media likes in at least one of your gigs. Those kinds of gigs are actually being removed from Fiverr. You should NOT be selling social media likes, followers, probably not even Youtube views.

What you are offering are actually fake services – because purchased social media likes, followers, and in most cases website or video views are 100% fake, useless, and of no functional value to the people buying them. They are just numbers. The true value would be in real people that care about those brands, videos, and websites.

I strongly recommend that you find legitimate services that you can offer to others that aren’t on Fiverr’s radar for deletion.


I agree with you @jonbaas. I don’t know why people buy these fake likes, views and followers these are just number.


Something similar happened to me once. Fiverr has amazing customer service. I recommend sending them a note through the help center. They will look into it immediately and be in touch with you until the issue is resolved.


That’s the problem man, when i tried to send massage to support team its showing that your account is suspended. That’s why i post here. But all people’s are stupid and teaching me that how to sell and u r wrong u r selling social media but my main concern was why my support is not working.


Sure, but if review was right than i will defently accept them 2 days back i got 3 star rating because i was 4 hours late and i accepted that rating and delivered him 3 extra gig to that person because i was wrong there but now i have completed order within 12 hours and i saw there were not any followers dropped but he said his followers dropping. So its clear that he gave me fake reviews because his followers are showing.

and my main concern was that why my support is not working when i tried to contact support team its showing your account is suspended but i am level 2 seller and working on fiverr from last 6 months.


If it’s showing that your support account is suspended, perhaps you messaged them a bit too often and they got fed up?

Also, calling people who are trying to help you ‘stupid’ is downright rude!


Being impatient, harassing, and disrespecting Customer Support is not smart. If you want them to help you resolve your issue have some respect, be professional & remain calm.


If you are going to call people stupid who are trying to help you understand how Fiverr works and what you might need to do, there is no point in you posting here. Most likely at some point you have also used disrespectful language with buyers or the Support team and they have blocked your communications. If you want to be angry and rude, you can work this out on your own. Good luck.

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