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Requesting a custom gig

I am a buyer that is trying to request a gig, and I guess fiverr works a little differently than I thought it would. It was my intention to say. “Hey everyone, I need this done. Are their any takers?” However, fiverr does not allow us to be very detailed in our requests (We are limited by character count) AND, when we get responses from people, in order for me to accept them, Fiverr forces me to use the sellers pre-formatted gigs. That makes it confusing as my gig is custom.

So I had an odd situation happen. I requested gig, got several responses, then ordered the gig from one of the respondents. That person then contacted me and said ‘Oh, what you want will take 5 gigs’ Sigh I cannot fault the seller for the misunderstanding, but I find it annoying because it was caused by the limitation within fiverrs systems.

Btw, my gig is not a standard gig which is why I didn’t just use the search. It falls into the cracks and is fairly simple, which is why I just threw it out there to see if anyone wanted it.

Anyone know if there is a better solution to this challenge? Can I request gigs on the forums and then flip them over to a paid gig?

For those of you that are curious. I just needed 5-10 people to read my first few chapters of my book. ( I don’t like using friends) About 13k words and then send me a yea or nea on the readability, plot etc. I figured I would be able to find some people willing to grab a cup of coffee, curl up on the couch, and take a look. Then they could write a quick message back with their thoughts. It could all be done through the message center.

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I might be interested, you can contact me with book info, such as topic, etc

I’m a mighty fine beta reader. If you’re still looking, drop me a line.

kjblynx… That sounds like a decent plan. I suppose it is possible for the seller to then create a new gig specific to my needs. Seems a little cumbersome but I can see where it would work. I would think it would be easier to allow the buyer to create the gig and let sellers accept the work. Or at least give feedback on whether the gig is reasonable.

I’ve been contacted a couple of times by buyers asking me if I’d consider providing a service that I don’t advertise. I say yes and just direct them to the gig that most closely resembles what they need. It worked perfectly.

I concur the ladies just above me here! I get specific requests and special order requests all the time after a buyer saw my work and wanted something somewhat similar…but not the same.

Sometimes you need to do a little searching and communicating before you find the right seller and the right gig!

@celticmoon I’ve even created a completely new gig because a couple of people asked for the same service I didn’t currently offer. I figured there must be a market for it :slight_smile:

Reply to @kissreviews: Yes, me too~! Gotta love those folks who take the time to write and ask us questions! :-))

I’m an avid reader and I also write reviews here on Fiverr, Ill be interested in reading your material for a few orders, get in contact (*)