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Requesting a gig


I am a bit confused about one thing since joining fiverr…and that has to do with requesting a gig as a seller.

I have seen many sellers post.their many.request for gigs but mine is always unapproved…please who can she more lights on this?


Actually, the people who are getting approved are only doing so because Fiverr doesn’t catch them. Request a gig is strictly intended for buyers, not for sellers. Sellers create gigs and buyers can buy them. If a buyer doesn’t see what they need on the search page, or if they have a specialized request, they can use request a gig to tell people what they are looking for.

If you have a gig that matches their need, you can submit an offer to that buyer including a very brief sentence to let them know a bit more detail. Sellers sometimes misunderstand this and try to post their gigs for sale in that area, but when Fiverr catches them they should be removed. Some sellers also deliberately mis-use it to try to get attention, which is a really bad idea since abusing the system enough can get your account banned.

To show you a specific example, right now there is a request posted by a buyer that says this: " Im looking for writers in Chinese language who can help me to write articles in my website." This is an appropriate use of the request a gig system.

There is another post on the request a gig system that says "I want some writing job… where you give me some pages… and I will type it and give you in your desired font… " This is an incorrect use of the system because it is a seller trying to attract buyers. That user can be banned if they continue doing that.

Does that help?

@fonthaunt: Requesting a gig is not just for buyers. I have seen many requests of people and they are sellers too.

Just read your full message now. And yeah its correct. If a seller claim to work in a gig request then its bad use of system. But let suppose a seller is writer and he write stuff for people. He needs gig cover designed, then he can post request to hire a designer.
Hope that makes sense.

Yes, that’s what I mean to say,“Some people are both buyers and sellers”. The guide you have linked is perfect. :)>- It will help Christina Dovey.

i am new and today i join fiverr, someone help me.

Reply to @danish4100: Many people have already put countless hours into writing information to help new sellers. You may read it and help yourself. If you read all you can and still have questions, you can post specific questions in your own thread. Here are some places to start:

<a href=">How to Make a Gig and Get Sales
Detailed Tips to Optimize Your Gigs and Start Selling.
and other posts in Tips for Sellers.
Fiver Academy.
as well as the Fiverr help pages.

Reply to @mariarajput786:

fonthaunt said: This is an incorrect use of the system because it is a seller trying to attract buyers. That user can be banned if they continue doing that.

@mariarajput786 I’m sorry to be blunt, but you are definitely incorrect. The sellers who post on request a gig are doing so against the rules. Fiverr has a hard time keeping up with them so it happens, but as I said before, it can get your account banned as it is considered spam to sell on request a gig.

You are welcome to ask Customer Support if you wish, or you can believe a forum moderator (which I am) but you will get the same answer. To encourage other people to break the rules is also inappropriate so I will remove the post you wrote to the person asking the question.

Reply to @mariarajput786: Yes, that makes sense and I agree. Some users are buyers only, some are sellers only, and others are both buyers and sellers. I am both a buyer and a seller because I sell gigs but I also buy other people’s gigs. So, if I use request a gig like you described to get a gig cover designed, I am acting as the buyer in that case and it’s fine.

Just for anyone else who comes along looking for instructions, here is a longer step-by-step guide for them as well. :slight_smile:

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