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Requesting a service? Video

I dont know how to search for this.
But I want to do a video for our manager
Where different people from different cultures and looka saya a THANK YOU for him
So i need someone who can record a video which is clear in their city and who can ask strangers to say a thank u for someone they dont know but to show him some appreciation from all over the world. With some other words with thank u
This managet works SUPER SUPER hard and barly any one say a real thank u for him from the heart. So we want to do this. Plz advise. How to find who can do this for me here in fiver?
Thank u


Hi @maioona

Welcome to Fiverr and to the forum !!!

I think your topic is posted on the wrong category. Please edit it and place it elsewhere. Maybe “conversations” would be the right place to post your topic.

Sorry I can’t do it for you, I still don’t have that privilege.

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You could post a request in the “buyer request” section of the site (buying->click on user icon->post a request).
Though if the “thank yous” were from people from different cultures and strangers who didn’t know your manager it might not seem as genuine as it would if it was coming from the employees themselves. Or maybe you could create an animated video representing your team saying thank you.


That’s very nice of you. Regardless of the form of your thanks, there is a lot in your observation.


Thank u!! U made me smile
Do u think this idea could be better?
I wish I can make it local or from the compay but I have lot of haters heheh and they night thinking i do it to get closer to the general manager. Which totaly not my style. Bcoz GM praised my work several times so i cant do it with my name. Am trying to think of ideas.

If the video is meant to be a thank you from the people in the company to the general manager it might be best to discuss it with some of the people within the company eg. for what message you (as a group) want to give, eg. what you are thanking him for (eg. different reasons, eg. “thank you for x, y z and z … Thank you”). Discussing with other people from the organization would help to get an agreed upon message as a group and may help in checking there were no issues to creating it.