Requesting added time does not work - don't use it


So during this 60 day evaluation period I made very certain that I did not have a late order, I also took off most of the month of December so I was really only evaluated between about November 14th-December 6th and January 2nd-14th.

During this time it is possible I might have had 1-2 late orders, but I do not 100% recall,I am certain I didn’t have more than this, but Fiverr told me that I had 13 total late orders during this time.

After going back and checking I did request extra time from buyers exactly 11 times during this period.

It seems to me that requesting time does not work, or does not work the way we are told it should.

If an order is already late and you request extra time and the buyer agrees, this 100% shouldn’t be counted as late.

If a buyer does not give us all the information and you request extra time and more information, this should NEVER be counted as late.

It is my opinion that this evaluation system needs to be suspended, how are we supposed to be judged with evaluations we don’t even know the rules of?


I believe the time chosen in the Resolution Center applies from the original date of the order, it isn’t tagged on to the end. If anyone knows if that is or isn’t the case, please correct me or confirm.

If that is the case, it’s very unintuitive, so you need to set the timings accordingly.


Is that the same as ‘doesn’t work’? :wink:


Well yeah, it would add it on from the end, so if your deliver time is 4 days, and you request for 24 hours more then it would add a day.

What I was saying though, if it is late and you request time, it is still counted as late even if the buyer gives you the added time and you deliver on time.

There was 100% no way I was late with 13 orders during this time and as a top rated seller I work full-time on this site so this is very scary not knowing the rules to play by.

The only option now is to just do a empty delivery and then ask the buyer for the information then so you are not counted as late.

Which really sucks and I don’t like doing but, what other option do we have?


If it doesn’t work as follows, it is broken.

anytime a seller requests added time and the buyer accepts, as long as the order is delivered in that new time period agreed to it shouldn’t be counted as late.

Anything other than this is broken, period.


Do you know it works that way for a fact?


If you’re a day late, then when you request more time that day counts from the time requested.

Imagine you’re a day for your delivery. You request 2 days more to deliver the order. The day you were already late on counts. This means you have one more day to get the order done.

Get it?


Yes, what he says is what I’ve experienced as well. It’s not marked as late as long as you deliver within the new time. As seller noted though ensure you project the date for added time properly or you might as for added time which is still late because it doesn’t cover your already late days.


Well like for example, if you have 10 minutes to deliver an order and you add on 1 day, then you will have 1 day and 10 minutes.

If your orders is 2-3 days late and you add on time, the function will automatically start from 3 days, so you start from being able to add 3-10 days then. It already accounts for this.


Also I did find out, they sent me some of the orders I was late on here is what I have found out.

Evaluation for me started on November 14th (not sure if it was same for everyone)

BUT if you had an order that was say due on November 1st and you were 1 day late, and the customer requested revisions and revision and revision and you delivered and they finally accepted on November 17th, that order was counted late for you. 100% confirmed.


The time extension does work and so does the revision request setup. You have to use it as intended, though.

As far as revisions, if you deliver on time the first time and then the buyer request a revision, the timer will show “late” during the revision process but it does not count against you. Customer Support can tell you the same exact thing. If you deliver 5 minutes late, though, it will count against you as late whether or not there are revisions.

As far as the time extension, if you request an extension before the deadline and the buyer accepts the extension before the deadline, you will not be penalized. If you request and extension after the deadline, or you request it before the deadline and the buyer doesn’t respond until after the deadline - you are late.

You have to manage your time very precisely to stay within the stats and that’s not easy. The tools are functioning correctly, though.