RequestING Additional Time After Order Marked As Late


Does it make sense to ask for additional time after an order has already fallen into 'being a ‘late’ delivery. By this i mean will it thereafter re-new it’s standing as being an ‘on-time’ delivery in your stats once you actually deliver. Anyone know?


Yes, as far as I know it does make it on-time.
Just remember to add enough days to the order to allow for the late time and the time you need to complete it. The added days count from the original due date, not the time they accept it.


You do know that spamming unrelated threads with advertisements for your gig isn’t allowed on the forum, right?

Advertisements for your gig go in the My Fiverr Gigs section :slight_smile:


that’s truth this is not an space for advertise your gigs.


Thank you so much! Really do appreciate it.


i obviously didn’t know… i started 3 days ago. sry