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Requesting change in order completion formula


Dear Fiverr,
I would like to request a change in order completion formula because it makes the order completion rate really low. It should be the percentage of orders canceled subtracted from the percentage of orders completed.

Right now, it is the no. of orders canceled subtracted from the percentage of orders completed over the time of 60 days.

I am requesting this because at my level I get a lot of orders and sometimes I have to cancel the certain orders due to following reason:

  1. Requirements missing
  2. Buyer not responding
  3. The buyer asked for additional work
  4. The buyer asks for a refund because he/she found someone else at a cheaper price
  5. The submitted requirements are not within the scope of the gig
  6. We do not agree on a price
  7. Buyer order one gig multiple times
    And many other reasons…

In all above scenarios and more, I first discuss with the client and if we do not come to a conclusion then we have to send the refund before delivering an order, which make total sense. But it should not affect the order cancellation rate as it was not sellers fault. This should be resolved.

Suggestion: For instance, If the order delivery time is 24 hours then there should be an option for the seller to reject the order within 8 hours without affecting order completion rate. This way seller must have some little control over automatic orders.

In my case, I have 11 order cancellation in last 60 days which makes my order cancellation rate fall to 89%. And if you see my profile, my orders in last 60 days were more than 100 that is why I am requesting a change in order completion formula. Plus as become more popular on Fiverr you get more false orders and this can lower the ranking of my profile very easily and too quickly. This is my main concern.

I hope my request will not offend anyone and the goal of this request is to become more popular.

Thank you so much.