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Requesting feedback on my gig and packages

I recently got back into Fiverr when the laughably low $5 restriction on gigs was removed (only noticed when I got the email about the feature being implemented in my category), now replaced by the packages pricing model.

Sadly, I hadn’t managed to get many order (3 - 4 in the total time since I created my account some time ago, 3 of which I had to refuse/decline on the basis of journalistic integrity and remaining impartial) in the time that I offered my services for such a cheap price (it was sort of an experiment/test, where I’d do a handful of orders only, as I obviously can’t offer my services at that price point).

I’m hoping this change will attract new clients to the platform who can appreciate that quality services aren’t cheap and that freelancers need to earn a living, too. That isn’t a jab, but I assume past clients of Fiverr are only looking for cheap labour.

I would appreciate it if someone could provide some feedback on my gig and the packages I offer. I have incorporated Fiverr’s 20% fee and PayPal small withdrawal charge, as well as the taking into account some other factors.

Are they priced well? Do the gigs and packages adequately described what is on offer? Things of that nature.

Your gig is impressive! I would suggest adding some pdf examples of your work though so that people can see the quality of your articles.

I would also suggest changing your gig photo. The picture is kind of like everyone else’s and doesn’t really show that your write game-related articles. I would suggest making your image more game-related to get more interest. I use for Fiverr Gig Images. :slight_smile: A video would help you too. You seem professional, so a video would add to your gig.

Thanks SO MUCH for your feedback! It’s very much appreciated.

I chose the image as it shows what I do as a writer. I’ve chosen a different image for my gig. Let me know if you think this one would be more suitable and I’ll change it to my primary one.

I’ve added some PDFs as examples of my previous work (though I wish I could simply link to the articles themselves).