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Requesting Gigs

We have been placing requests for various gigs and within their field. We have asked for a particular specification within these ads, asking for talented, yet strong people within their field. So why are we getting people applying who really don’t know their arse from their elbow. We are willing to pay above and beyond for peoples services, when in fact these very people will be getting continued work from us, yet we still get applications from people who really do not know their shizzle.

People are and continued to be rewarded for their efforts. If you’re not what we are looking for, then why are people applying for things who don’t cover their remit. Then you get people sending messages asking as to why we have not replied to them. “Take a look at your message, and tell us what’s wrong with it?”, These are messages from people who are writers. The messages are full of errors to say the least, and you want us to employ you. NO! is the answer.

Effortless and pointless if you ask me.

People are replying to you for two main reasons, one is that tons of Fiverr sellers are out to make connections and get jobs in general so they reach out, the other I think has to do with langauge barriers. Many non-native English speakers do not know how bad their English really is.

But if you have that specific of technical requirements, it may be better to search and find some good sellers who might be a possible fit and email your request directly and see if they are interested and able to do it.

This isn’t like some of the other freelance sites where every bids on jobs that are posted. Did you not find any sellers to your liking that were suitable when you searched?

It’s simple. If you make requests, Sellers will make offers. They get to make 10 of them a day so they do.

Thank you “sincere18”, you also “ricksper” for your comments. Perhaps it would be better if I did in fact research sellers better. I understand the language barrier and perhaps I should have indeed placed this withing the description next time, should I decide to go down that road in the future.

As you are aware, I am looking for “talented” designers, writers and web builders for my website. As soon as you place a request on Fiverr for these artists, you may as well put out “flypaper” for what good it does really. You go to look at their profiles and see the past comments, then look at their previous work done for others, only to find a big FAT, “really” coming from my mouth, heaven knows what my mind’s thinking.

I know that all gigs start from a $5, but my service via my website, promises those who provide works will indeed be enumerated greatly and will be offered further ongoing work to boot. However, I have yet to find that one, let alone other "Adonis’s! within the camp of Fiverr.

If anyone knows of ANY Web Designers, Flyer, Poster and Business Card Designers, even bloggers and who are talented in all what they do, please ask them to get in touch.

Thank you again, guys.

Keep in mind also that probably many of the really good sellers don’t even check buyer requests, as they have enough orders and don’t need to find more.
That doesn’t mean that sellers responding to requests have to be bad professionals, but it does mean that bad professionals do respond to buyers requests.

I think that you should also check gigs through the search function, and you might discover some great sellers that aren’t responding to your requests.

Reply to @belengarcia: I think that is generally true. Even in the real world of freelancing and outside of Fiverr. Talented designers that are busy don’t need to go bidding around looking for jobs all the time. Maybe at the beginning when they are first building their business starting to work for themselves, but not after awhile.

Reply to @ebookit: This is really about finding and hiring good talent in general. Like posting any job listing, you would get a ton of resumes, most would be horrible and you would have to sift through resumes to find the good ones. And even if you found a good resume on paper, you would still have to meet them in-person to see if they really knew their stuff. The same is kind of true in hiring freelancers for graphic design projects. Have you asked around other business professionals that you work with or know personally who they use? A lot of good freelancers can be found by tapping into your personal networks as well.