Requesting more details on buyer requests


After I submit an offer to a buyer request, can I change it? There are buyer requests with very little details, and I don’t want to set a price or a delivery time for my offer while I don’t have enough details for determining the amount I would charge and the time I expect to spend on working on the request.


I’ve never seen edit option. :frowning:


Unfortunately, once you’ve submitted your BR proposal. You will not have an option to change it.


I recommend to include in your buyer request something like “If you’re intrested, please contact me for more details, so we can figure out everything”. That’s what I always do, and people are always texting me before accepting an offer.


To add to what Czarek said, best to write in an expiration date too, because you can´t choose one in custom orders you send to BRs unlike in normal custom orders - you might not want a buyer to suddenly accept your offer one day when you have already forgotten about it and have loads of work already.


You can’t change it so put some dependencies and assumptions on your offer. Ask questions too. It makes a buyer know you’ve properly read and understood their requirement. Put a minimum price of $5 and say you will work out an actual cost when you confirm your assumptions and get responses to your questions.

I am making the following assumptions:

  1. x
  2. y

I have the following questions:

  1. a
  2. b