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Requesting more time option in the order

I’m doing social media works on fiver. likes, followers, subscribers, views in social sites facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube like that. as a example: when some buyers order fb likes from me some buyers request a limit per day adding likes quantity, then my orders get late but there are no feature to get more time after placing the order. just only i can get more 24 hours after ending the delivery time. so i really want request more time feature from the buyers. even my delivery time is 24 hours some buyers requesting it spread it for 12 days. i really hate because there is no option for it. and everyone may have this problem, when we could not delivery the work on time, the buyer even allowed us to get more time but fiverr hasn’t option for it. only can get more 24 hours. it’s not enough sometimes. i have seen some other marketplace like fiverr has this requesting more time feature. (seoclerks has it)
seller has a feature for requesting more time, but buyer can accept it or not. i this this will be a good feature to do the business smoothly. thank you.

I was just going to write this suggestion myself! I’m totally in for this. Sometimes something unexpected happens, which makes it harder to deliver within the time span. It would be amazing if we then could request a day or so extra, and the buyer can either accept (get 1 day extra) or decline (mutually cancel the job).

  • Mike

I’m strongly in favor of this great idea.