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Requesting multiple submissions at a time

I am posting a service job that is pretty wide-open and I would like to accept many responses and haggle for a reasonable price on an individual basis. I’ve never posted a job before is this possible?


Barter? Fiverr is not a barter website and accepts only normal money-service transactions
You can include in your request what you are looking for, people will send their proposals and you can accept and pay for as many proposals as you want.

Dear, just learn, observe, and experience that how this system works…

Haggle, misspoke, I will of course be paying cash. And I don’t mean to nickle and dime people so much as accept varying levels of quality/quantity for different prices.

@mariashtelle1’s point is that you don’t negotiate here. This is a marketplace.

Your idea will not lead to passive, scalable income. It will lead to the opposite.

There is no system to make it possible. What you’re suggesting only works if you can enable a pipeline and segment. You can’t do that here.

You’d be breaking the ToS by attempting this.

You must respond personally.

When you post a job (request), sellers send their offers. You are free to contact as many of those sellers as you like (just don’t send the exact same message to everyone, because the system might label all of your messages as spam), and you can tell them more about the job you need done. You can talk with them about the price, too, just keep in mind that experienced freelancers won’t like it if you ask them to lower their regular prices (you can see their regular prices in their gigs), and are likely to refuse to work with you.

I’m sorry, but you might be about to shoot yourself in the foot. You can post a buyers request stating what you are looking for, however:

  • 99% of competent freelancers on Fiverr do not even look at buyers requests, never mind send offers.
  • Sellers who do reply to buyers requests are usually sellers who are new, desperate for work, and apply to every request whether they are capable of delivering what is being asked fo or not.
  • Buyers requests is a race to the bottom on pricing.

With regard to the last point, you will not get civilized bidding on your project from people who have sat down and are making an offer based on what kind of quality they can deliver. Instead, you will just get deluged with rock-bottom offers from a hoard of largely talentless people trying to undercut each other.

You will get far better results by defining what you want, setting a fixed budget, and using the Fiverr search to look for sellers who offer what you need.


Well said!

And he’s looking for scalable work. You can’t scale responses to BRs. It isn’t possible, there are too few quality BRs and you have to tailor your offers and work to each buyer.

You can’t scale anything that depends on what requests come in, anyway. Scaling entails being discovered, not hustling, which, in this case varies dependent on what is available.

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