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Requesting particular feedback from customer - Need help

I am aware that requesting particular rating from customer is against fiverr TOS.

But how this works Ask the buyer to modify their feedback

If a buyer left me a 3 star review. can i request the customer to modify it as 5 star ?

Is this against fiverr TOS ?

Please help.

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Yes, you can’t ask for a review or a particular review. it’s called review manipulation and against Fiverr a ToS

Hello Maddy,

Thanks for your reply. I know it is against fiverr TOS.

If a seller would like to formally request that the buyer modify their feedback on an order, they may use the Resolution Center to request feedback modification request from the buyer.

It is mentioned here.

Asking particular review via Resolution Center is not against TOS ?

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Only if the buyer mistakenly marked a low rating,you can go for review change through resolution centre.

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No. You can ask your customer to reconsider the rating he gave you, and explain why (for example, explain what was requested and what you delivered), but you can’t ask them to modify their rating as 5 stars.


You don’t seem to have any 3 star reviews so that’s great! :slightly_smiling_face:

For the future (hope you never need it) the ‘request feedback modification’ only seems to be available for about 3 days after the feedback’s been left.


Thanks people for your help.

Thanks for your reply friend. I didn’t have any 3 star reviews. Just for a example i said.

Thanks for creating the topic. I’ve learnt from the replies

No you cannot compel clients to leave you reviews they otherwise would have not left.

If you received 3 stars, thats the end of it id say.

IF the client WANTS to change it they can, you cant ask them to or offer them incentive to change their review, that IS against TOS.