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Requesting revisions Goes to late delivery?

Hi everyone Hope so you are fine
Can someone be kind to tell me that when a buyer request a revisions and our order time is completed on revisions we are getting late or not mean that it will consider late or not?


Always deliver the completed work before the time runs out. If the buyer requests for revisions after that it won’t have any effect on your profile… Just make the necessary changes and deliver early again to leave a happy buyer :wink:

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If you have a revision request after the delivery time frame is up, it reads #late. This is why you have to try and deliver extra early or have sufficient delivery time, so that if the buyer requests a revision, you can still be able to meet up before the time frame elaspes.


Thank you so much actually i have delivered her on time but she requested a simple revision and ask more time to show his boss

Good thoughts, but this doesn’t work all the time. Some buyers will leave you hanging for days and later on, request for revision. If the system was designed the way you just explained then we would all be in trouble.

Can you please tell me that how much time frame we have after buyer requesting a revision and not updated at all or disappear so how much time we have to deliver again before cancel the order

In my experience I don’t think it does have any time frame; I always deliver immediately so I can’t say for sure