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Requesting Revisions to Stop Auto-Complete

Just a quick question. I thought that it was against the ToS for a buyer to request a revision simply to stop auto-complete from taking place, but I can’t find it in the ToS anywhere. Can anyone who knows the ToS well advise?

I have an order that was about to complete and the buyer requested a revision in the last few minutes saying “I think we’ll need revisions, I’ll get back to you” and then disappeared off the face of the planet. This is already a pet peeve of mine - it just doesn’t really feel like playing in the spirit of things. After all, a buyer gets three days to check it through already - how is that not enough time?


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You may want to ask CS to cancel the order based on ToS but not sure if this is what you want…


Disputes and Cancellations

Order Cancellations

Delivered Orders (after the Seller clicks Deliver Now and before the order is marked as complete)

Buyers who abuse the Request Revisions button to gain more services from Sellers beyond the agreed requirements.

Well, you know “Life is like a box of chocolate…” You never know what Buyer you get.:slight_smile:

if you offer revisions they can ask for and if you offer unlimited revisions then you are more likely to work for free forever.
if the buyer has asked more revisions than your gig / offer you have made so you can charge him extra for every revision but the buyer may cancel the order if you do so or ju7st leave a bad review

If you have a revision as part of the gig’s extra, then the buyer is in his right to request a revision when he wants, as the order is still open for revision so I don’t see what’s wrong. But if there’s no revision attached to the gig provided, then you can either request for the buyer to buy a revision or cancel the order if you can’t do the revision.

What’s wrong is that buyer is abusing the revision feature to extend the reviewing time. When requesting revisions, buyers are supposed to tell you what they want revised, not just “I think we’ll need changes, I’ll tell you later about it”.

@dolly_donut, just in case it takes a while: there were cases where the order was in revision for more than a month, and then, after the seller delivered, the order wouldn’t complete automatically, only the buyer could mark it as completed (and the buyer just disappeared).


To clarify, I do not offer any revisions as standard on my gigs (although this doesn’t prevent people asking for them.) The only proviso that I have is that if I have made a mistake in my audio then I’ll fix it.

Having said, that if buyers are polite, I usually help them out if they need a tweak here or there. My issue is asking for a revision and then not supplying the reasons that they need a revision. If they’d hit the revision button and then immediately provided me with the reasons why and what they needed re-doing, I wouldn’t have an issue. They are just lengthening their review time by asking for a revision and Fiverr have deemed that three days is enough.

I have to play by the rules, so buyers should too. I would never deliver an empty file to lengthen my time to work on an order, so I feel that this is the buyer equivalent.

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I have now an order like this, the client opened revision without providing informations. What i do is wait for 3-5 days, after that i send a message and ask for the informations. If the client don’t respond i delivery again and explain that he can open revision but need provide informations.