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Requesting Samples - Scam or Not!?

New seller on Fiverr, I notice a trend of requesting ‘samples’ of work that is making me uncomfortable, what stops the persons from using your work and you not being paid for it. I just had a buyer admit this is what they do and persons are just giving away work that he can now use to his/her leisure, how can I report this user and what is the procedure? I told the user they will be reported and now they have started insulting my work, when no other buyer has done this before due to the uniqueness of what I offer!! So this definitely feels like a scam and the buyer claims it completely legit on Fiverr!!??

Ask buyers to view the samples in your live portfolio instead.

Even if you’re comfortable with offering tailored samples for your buyers, add a watermark to the image which is difficult to be removed, and send them in smaller resolution.

At this point I just need to know how to report this user and get paid for my samples!

@Phoenix_rises, click on the link that willpower_hk sent for Customer Support, and then create a ticket with them. You can tell them what happened and include a screenshot of the conversation in which the person admitted to using your samples illegitimately. You may not be able to get paid, but hopefully that person will be kicked off of Fiverr (or something similar).

I actually require that they check out my samples first to see whether or not that’s exactly what they’re after? It cuts down on all the bs back n forth, indecisiveness as well, I also ask them via personal message to verify if they like the sample, then I ask them to purchase the gig and that’s the end of it, they can’t reneg and say that’s not what they were after when I have it as written proof that they confirmed that was exactly what they wanted, even though a few have tried, until I point out the major flaw in their scam, LOL.
That been said sending out samples isn’t always viable for all niches but for my fields it’s as easy as sending out video and audio snippets or visual or audio watermarks, it takes like a minute of my time to do so as well as I have templates for doing so, it’s really up to the individual though if you feel like sending out samples is worth your time and will help your business then by all means do so, if not then don’t do it but I can tell you from my short experience on here that almost all my business has been because of sending out my samples first and capitalizing on the fact that almost every other seller doesn’t do it! :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear what happened to you. Please report this scammer to customer support. It is too late for you maybe, but you will be helping the community.

I have always declined to send samples of my audio Gigs. I tell them to watch my Gig-video and read previous buyers reviews. Why?.. Because while surfing on the web I once found a website where someone has included voice-over samples that look as taken from Fiverr or maybe other websites like Fiverr. He is also selling various images and there is no common artistic style in these images so they look like they are not made from one artist.

I hope that will be your last unfortunate experience.

Sending audio samples is pretty easy though, for example if it’s a 5 min long track they want done you send 30 secs - 1 min of it, or you can add audio watermarks within it, like a voice saying “preview” at certain intervals throughout, or something else like beeps or other sound fX, there is almost no way they can use these samples for anything if you do things like that and it really takes like 5 mins of your precious time ONCE to create, after that you just use it as a template for every gig, pretty darn simple :slight_smile:

Reply to @phoenix_rises:
Customer Support. You probably won’t get paid for the samples you’ve already sent, if the buyer was determined to scam sellers.

Reply to @phoenix_rises: Forgive my ignorance, but what is an “accountability partner”?

Reply to @reinier01: is a person who coaches another person in terms of helping the other person keep a commitment. You can use it in various different ways, business, personal and helping to meet goals

Reply to @phoenix_rises: you will not get paid for samples. NEver do any work until you actually receive an order and the buyer pays for the gig. So for this one you just have to take it as a lesson for going forward.

You can report the user to Customer support. And just do not communicate wit h them. There are scammers that target new sellers who do not really know the ropes of Fiverr yet. Sorry it happened.

Reply to @phoenix_rises: Thanks for the clarification.

Reply to @mhwoolz: Exactly! At lease that would be something helpful for everybody in the community.