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Requesting Services as A Seller

I am a seller who barely sells anything and am trying to get some vector work done.

I keep getting told I am trying to market my skills by using the request system ,and THAT IS NOT the case. I need some 3D/Vector modelling done, and its way outside what I can do.

How can I get a bloody request out if I am a seller? Honestly I buy more work than I sell and if I have to stop being a seller to get work done I’ll be happy to do it.

Without knowing your wording for your Buyer Request it’s hard to say, but my blind advice is to be careful in your word choice. You might specifically say ‘I am looking to purchase vector modeling services. I need help with x.’ so that it could not possibly be construed as you looking to sell your services.


I would love to be able to copy and paste, but while it says “review” it deletes the request. Crappy interface to say the least.

Ill try once ore with this:

I Need to PURCHASE, NOT SELL, 3D modelling services. I need a 3D model built from images of my product. I AM NOT SELLING, I AM LOOKING TO FOR SOMEONE TO DO THIS.

Okay - no need to shout!

CS will be able to help you I’m sure:


After wasting 3 hours of my time so far. ya, shouting called for.

But there isn’t any point in shouting at forum users as we can’t help you - we’re just buyers and sellers like you.

Speak to CS - I’m sure they’ll be able to help you.


If you actually read my post, you will see that the yelling was directed at Fiverr

QUOTE:“Ill try once ore with this:”

Not at you or anyone else here. Stop rushing to be offended. The context of what I mean was there, even on the internet, you were just in too much of a rush to complain about some capital letters to notice it.