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Requesting specific service

It’s a pity that Fiverr only want’s the money from Gigs but don’t want to pay a good webmaster. The site is a bloody mess when trying to find info. Before Fiverr had the option to find a seller “Request a specific service” not any more (as I can find) Tried the help that says click this and then click that… Maybe copied help from some old old version of fiverr because now the links doesn’t exist.

On your dashboard, click your nickname for the drop-down menu. If you click “My Orders”, the menu opens more and you’ll see the link for “Request a Gig” there, or if you go to your Order page, another link is in the right-hand column. Also, if you use the search box on the Fiverr site, and browse through the results, at the end you’ll see another place to post a gig request.