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Requesting W-9 / sending 1099 to US Seller over $600?

If I pay a seller who is based in the U.S. over $600 worth of work for the year I am technically required by law to request a W-9 and send them a 1099-MISC…

Fiverr seems to have a strict communication policy about contacting each other outside their platform / requesting personal information such as Social Security Number, address, real names, ect (All stuff that is required on the W-9)…

Requesting a W-9 seems like it is against Fiverr polcies… I am curious… I have spent over $600 with sellers on this platform in less than a year… and plan to continue doing this in the future (Seems a lot more probable now too, with things like Gig Extras / Fiverr Pro). How does that work, is this an issue that Fiverr has yet to address?

I will be reporting these as business expenses with the I.R.S. and without proper documentation it is possible to get audited / severely penalized by the I.R.S.

I don’t think Fiverr sends 1099’s. / This may be an issue they need to fix.

What makes it even more confusing is I am technically paying Fiverr, and then Fiverr is paying the buyer. My PayPal / Credit Card statements show Fiverr being the one I paid… not that person directly.

Please Fiverr staff respond.


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Hey Jeff,

It’s better to direct this question to the customer support staff - which would be able to provide you with a far better answer to this question than any of the community here.

You are right, Fiverr is strict about things like this. It’s better to clear it out first with their staff before doing anything.


Hey gig_freak,

Thanks for your reply, I have also contacted the support team for clarification, I will post their response. I think this is an important topic that others in the U.S. paying other U.S. sellers over $600 a year will want to know about as well, I was unable to find anything about it on Google and was forwarded to this forum.

I think few people from the US already dicussed this matter on this forum.

Fiverr Support will be able to help you better.
But in the meantime: it’s not only about policies and asking for sellers info. Technically sellers have nothing to with it. You are hiring fiverr, you paid to fiverr and sellers just a subcontractors. All payments handled by fiverr and your invoices also comes with fiverr name on it, not a seller.

So your best shot is hoping that fiverr will be able to provide that form.

Not sure if support ever got back to you, But you never actually pay those workers Fiverr Does. Your business is with fiverr Technically.
Fiverr is based in Israel so they will more than likely not pay any tax on it.
However Fiverr PAYS the Sellers in US, so those US sellers will get one from Fiverr, Fiverr Just asked me for a W-9 yesterday.

This thread was before it was a thing. Now it is a thing.

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You nailed it…

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