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Requests from a 30,000+ Seller [Tips to avoid the FIGHT - Seller Vs Buyer]


Fiverr is growing exponentially, with the ever increasing number of Sellers and Buyers. Here are some requests, something that came out as a result of 30,000+ projects completed on Fiverr, and something that my avoid the “WAR” between Sellers and Buyers

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~~~~ Fiverr automatically marks an order as "COMPLETE" in 3 days after the delivery of the gig. Please DO NOT misunderstand Seller did it. A seller CANNOT mark an order as completed on Fiverr. Even if an order is completed, the buyer CAN STILL REQUEST A CANCELLATION OR REFUND, or Revisions, and if the seller do not co-operate, buyers can reach to the SUPER AWESOME support team of Fiverr<br />
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~~~~ As we all know, the sellers are "living" based on the feedback they receive. While THE BUYER HAS THE FULL RIGHTS TO LEAVE ANY RATING, a seller always deserve a second chance in case he/she couldn't make the gig up to the expectations of the buyer. Discuss and resolve any issues so that FIVERR becomes BETTER COMMUNITY with perfect harmony among buyers and sellers


30k sales and you’re not a top rated seller yet?


Nice 76% World Domination :slight_smile:


Reply to @adsensewizard: TRS are manually selected and volume of sales is just one criteria. There is uniqueness, community service and professionalism. Possible a lot more since the team for TRS is really picky. That’s what the Customer Support told me yesterday. :slight_smile:


Reply to @adsensewizard: Not really. We were TOP RATED Sellers for 2 years, and a spammer reported us and misled the admin, and we failed to convince them the truth, tried several times though


Reply to @wingle: Yea, it is really wonderful to meet people from more than 50 countries… and yea, most of them are good friends to me:-)