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Requests not approved

I don’t what’s going on. Whatever request I post they’re telling me it’s unapproved because It doesn’t comply with their policy.



may have triggered stop on that.

You may want to try different wording.

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you can try different word :smiley:

Essay’s are considered academic work. It is against Fiverr’s TOS to do academic work for students.

I think I hear an echo? :thinking:


Contribution of giphydotcom.


The system sees it as if you’re asking for someone to do your homework for you. Or academic work that you will falsely present as your own. And that’s very much forbidden, because that would be academic fraud.

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Thank you !! I got it.

Thank you!!! Got it :+1:t2:

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I agree with you. Although interestingly the word essay doesn’t specifically mean academic writing. It’s actually a term for a short piece of writing on one particular subject - whether academic or not.

As a native English speaker, I do sometimes wonder whether some non-native speakers used the word innocently - although many people are off course clearly selling academic writing services!

Nope it doesn’t, but it seems to be interpreted that way.