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Requests not matching gig

So I am new to this website. My talents mainly are mainly in writing, etc. I have several gigs related to editing, book reviews–things like that. Today, I got my first order, for my gig to write an amazon review of an ebook.

However, instead of requesting a review of an ebook, the buyer wanted me to post a pre-made review of a dietary supplement. It only took me a few minutes, and it was somewhat related, so I did it.

Soon after creating my account (a while ago), I got a random spam message requesting something else about a dietary supplement, but this order was from a different buyer. Their instructions were clear, and they sounded pretty professional. They just requested that I post the review and send them a link to it. My question is, do you guys think this is a scam?

Edit: also, is this the correct subforum to be posting in?

How do you write a “pre-made” “review”? That’s an oxymoron. And unless you use the product, how can you honestly write a review? Or write an honest one?

OK, I had to ask.

So this buyer has asked you to post the review…where? He may not have read the Terms of Service which say that outside links and personal contact information isn’t allowed to be exchanged by members…with certain exceptions.

Some sellers whose products may include large files, long articles, or videos or graphics which may be too large to send within the Fiverr system. use a service such as Dropbox to place the files, then send the buyer a sample or smaller part of the file in order to “deliver” the order through Fiverr, along with instructions to the buyer on how to access the complete files. Since I don’t do anything like that, that’s the best I can tell you about sending information to buyers without breaking the TOS. Fiverr’s email service scans for tell-tale signs that members are trying to send contact info (such as “@” or “dot com”), which may lead to an automatic demotion. However it also seems to allow certain words or URL’s. For example, I ship items, and when I send my customers photos of their finished pieces, I also send the delivery info and tell them they can track the package on the U.S. postal service website, which I then write out for their convenience. This URL doesn’t get flagged by Fiverr. Some sellers get approved to use Skype for their services, so exchanging that info is allowed. Other links may not be allowed and could get your account banned, so contact customer support for specific questions or at least use the search function on the forums to see if others have discussed your problem previously, which they probably have. And good luck~

Oh, and this forum is probably as good as any to post a question such as yours. Or maybe Fiverr FAQ, where others might find it useful, too.

Edit: didn’t use the reply feature :slight_smile:

Reply to @celticmoon:

Thank you for your in-depth response!

When I say “pre-made”, I mean that he had already written a short review himself and was just requesting for me to post it. He requested for me to post the review on Amazon. So that in itself made me slightly suspicious. Again, I am new to this site, so I don’t exactly know the protocol, or what is/is not allowed or expected.

Here is what the message along with the order said:

Need a review for this product on Amazon: […]

Search this ASIN on Amazon to find the product: […]

Please send me the link to the review when posted.

Here is the review, title, star rating, thanks.

5 stars

Title: I like it

I will definitely buy this again. I have so much more energy. It definitely gives me the boost I need. I’ve only been taking it for four days, so I cannot say anything about weight loss yet.

Hmmm, to be honest, this is not at all what I do here on Fiverr, but I know this is a service here. So I’m not really sure how review sellers “deliver” this kind of thing. I understand the buyer wants you to post this under your Amazon account to look like a review from a real, unique user.

I don’t know if this will be accepted, but maybe find some other sellers of this type of service and ask them how they “deliver” a review when the buyer wants it posted by you, and then the link sent to him. I don’t want to give you bad advice, or suggest anything to get you in trouble. And I know this service is legitimately sold on Fiverr, so there IS a right way to do it…I’m just unsure what it is~! Good luck!

Reply to @celticmoon:

Ok. Thank you very much. It isn’t necessarily my preference to write reviews that don’t actually reflect my experience (particularly when I actually haven’t even used a product), but I appreciate the information and open-mindedness.

Have a great day!