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Requests not used much


We put requests on “My Requests” but no one seems to look at them. There are a few displayed at a time, but there is no page where you can view all of them. Or am I missing something…

I’m looking for someone to order Fragglesrock stickers and ship them to South Africa. The Fragglesrock Store does not ship to South Africa.


Hey Friend,

Request Gigs are the greatest point of Sellers. For me, When I see some requests relevant to my services, I shoot a message to them asking whether his interest.

I think there are less sellers on your need. So try finding sellers from Search on Fiverr.

Good Luck!
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Could be that no one who happens to sees the Request is willing to do the work requested for $5.

I Fragglesrock Stickers after reading your request.

Price: $9.65 for pack of 10 + Shipping.

Then the cost of packaging an shipping to South Africa.


Reply to @centinull: I thought there must be some kind of thing like this…!


Reply to @centinull: < I don't understand? Fragglesrock??


Fragglesrock is the forum censor word :stuck_out_tongue:

Also -

I find that the requests section does need some work as well :slight_smile: