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Requests Pending

I’m not sure what I have done wrong. I wanted to request a job and did 8 hours ago. They say pending next to them. How do I get them to go live? I wanted the job doing within a few days, so I may have to cancel them if I can’t figure it out.

It wasn’t easy to find the right help page but It was under “Requesting specific services” rather than “Placing orders>requesting a custom order”.

“Your request will be labeled PENDING until it is approved by Fiverr. If your request is not approved, it will be labeled UNAPPROVED.”

So you need to wait until they approve it. It probably won’t be long now if you’ve already waited 8 hours. I think fiverr might be run from the US so there might be a time difference.

Thanks loads. Hopefully will be done by morning. Thanks again, I couldn’t find the corresponding help page, so that’s useful.