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Requests Unapproved!

Can anyone please make me clear why my every requests are being unapproved?

I am really amazed, is something wrong with my account!

I have tried contacting the Support but the case hasn’t been solved yet!

I am having the same problem and that is why I am in this forum. I am trying to figure out why so I can rewrite it correctly. I hope you get an reply and maybe it will answer my question as well.

What do you mean by requests? If you’re posting in the buyer request section, that’s only for buyers, not to advertise your gigs. Since you’re posting in the gigs section of the forum I’m guessing you’re primarily a seller.

Did you ever get this sorted out?
I am 100000% sure there was NOTHING innapropriate in the request I posted ( was just asking for some plugin) and still it was marked unapproved !?!?
Not naming the reason as of why some requests are not approved is just very unprofessional from fivver. How would one know if stmth is wrong !?!? If they deal with requests like this, than there is no wonder why requests here are so scarce. I can hardly see 2-3 new requests a day, that cannot be serious ?!?!

Not to mention that if one scrolls through the “approved” requests, plenty of them are actually guys offering their services (so they are NOT requesting anything BUT trying to sell their services in the requests section - and honestly seeing that is very, very annoying!) and also requests for hacking or doing web things which are close to illegal.

What’s actually going on here ?!?

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Yea I agree with you @bizzytip I did like 4 requests? maybe more and all have been rejected. So I tried to do one offering a job (like all the other ones on buyer requests are) and still unnapproved. The reasons? I don’t know. What I can see in the Photoshop editing category is only people offering jobs and these offers come out everyday like twice a day.

I find it really sad not to find any serious buyer request. I haven’t manage to sell my gig so I need to find other jobs but nothing…

Really sad from fiverr in this case