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Requird suggestion from senior freelancers

Hello friends,
I hope all are good and safe.
Actually, I have already sent 16 offers but still, I have no order. Does anyone have extra order, please task me and help me.

first active and research about fiverr and 16 offer is not enough,
you have to write good quality offers and how to improve your offer write, you have to do study.
I get first order when i sent offer something like 180+, you should wait and study! and active all the time.

Please search through the forum for guidance first. There are many talented and experienced fiverr sellers who have created great posts on how to grow and get orders on the platform.

Here is a good one off the top of my head:

When a buyer sees your request they will probably click on your profile and look at your gigs. From just a second of looking at your profile I can see a lot that can be improved.

Most notably, all your gigs are in completely different categories: Video editing, data entry, social media setup, google ads, photo editing and translation. Try to focus on one main category or area of work at first, as too many can come across as unprofessional. Buyers will question if you really have a good enough level of expertise in any of these categories.

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There are a lot of people who have a lot of buyer requests but they didn’t get the job .So i will tell 16 is not enough. Keep patient…

Hello friends, I have sent more than 140 bids for orders but I have not received any order so far. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

Can you kindly assess my gigs and point out the areas I can improve? Thanks!