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Require 15 minutes read time to post

I would like to propose that new forum accounts should be required to read for 15 minutes before they post. Far too often we get a post that says “give me tips” when there’s a whole section called Tips for Sellers. This surely can’t be too hard to do, can it?


A good idea, the only issue is it punishes good forum posters in the same turn.


How so? I would say that making new posters take 15 minutes to read would allow them to make a better structured and more relevant post.


I do see what you mean but not everyone fails to create well structured or relevant posts. So if there was a time sensitive issue it may deter people from using the forum which is here to help. :slight_smile:

The issue here is that a large majority of new users do. A required 15 minute read time would force new users to go and read popular posts in the Tips for Sellers section, and as a result we would see a much lower number of spam posts simply asking “fix my gig please!!!” Stack Overflow does the same thing with its users, simply denying them from even commenting until they have adequate reputation. As a result, a lot of little kids who want their first coding assignment fixed for them are removed from the bunch. It’s mostly a proposal for quality control.


Those people would open a bunch of topics, go and do something else, return after 15 minutes, and then post the usual gimme gimme gimme.


True, but that leads to another proposal: Keep the tab open while “reading” to ensure read time is actual reading.

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They keep the tab open, go and get a snack, go talk to their friends, return after 15 minutes, and post… You know.

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Perhaps log the read time by making sure they scroll down regularly?

I’m sure they’d find a way to circumvent that, too. Or they’d read, and then still post whatever they wanted to post, because what they’ve read is not what they want to hear. Just like people ask a question and then argue with whoever tells them something that they don’t want to hear.

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This is very true hahaha :sweat_smile: they’re like,

iM a NeWbIe pLs gIvE mE tIpS !!!

while there are thousands of posts with all the possible tips you can ever get to know.


It seems that nobody would circumvent a measure that far. These are just naieve users, not trolls.

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They’re not trolls, I agree. But they’re desperate to earn money, they’re uncomfortable in a completely new environment, they’re overwhelmed, and they’re looking for a quick and simple solution.

Plus there are those who have heard from a “Fiverr guru” that forum participation will bring them sales, and they use bots for that (all those vague and unrelated comments). They could read those 15 minutes, and then let the bots do their posting work.


Yeesh, you have way too high expectations of these clowns. Nobody’s gonna make a bot for a Fiverr forum!

That’s exactly what I thought, too, but then a few users (who apparently know about bots more than I do) mentioned that a bunch of posts do look like bot posting.

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If someone wants to earn “REGULAR” badge then they have to spend the time properly by reading posts otherwise it won’t be possible. So I guess it will cover the whole 15 minutes mandatory reading before post. By the way @the_mad_duck nice observation and post as well.

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I suggested something like this a month or so ago.

I would also add that the read-time would require reading of the ToS and Community Guidelines before posting to the Forum is unlocked.

Or something that shows those things were completed before posting.