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Require buyers send info for Custom Offers

I think when we’re filling out the details of a custom offer we’re about to send, there should be a checkbox indicating that the buyer needs to submit something before the order starts. I often get people messaging me about things they’re still finishing, so when I send a custom offer, they accept instantly not realizing the countdown clock immediately starts ticking.

I also get people who want to go ahead and order when it will be more than thirty days before I deliver (30 days being the maximum duration for a custom offer), so I either have to send them one and expect it to be late or send them away and hope they remember how to find me when they’re actually ready in a few weeks.

It’s a simple request that I think would be really helpful :slight_smile:

It would also be very helpful if Fiverr could require ALL buyers to submit the required information on purchased gigs, so that we aren’t constantly left with buyers who order the gig and don’t submit any information (Maybe they forget or don’t see the automatic popup?).

Requiring the information on custom orders would be beneficial as well after we select which gig the custom order relates to, it would be nice to indicate if specific information is required as opposed to copy/pasting the gig’s instructions.