Require buyers who cancel to inform the seller why


I’ve just checked my stats and I realise that one of my buyers cancelled payment after I’d done the gig.

They have not bothered to tell me why.

When you as a seller cancel an order, you have to give a reason to the buyer. Why are buyers not under the same obligation?

They should be!


This is really annoying. I had the same experience today, One buyer cancelled an order after 3 days delivery. Now am in a loss of $5. Fiverr you must change your TOS or you gonna end up with more scam events like this


There is no way to enforce it. The buyer will type gibberish.

If you want a Fiverr staff to approve each reach, they will need to double or triple the Fiverr commission from $1 to $2 or $3. If you are fine with making only $2, okay, this might be possible.

Bad idea.