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Require feedback on a current gig

Hello, I know this may sound blunt and similar to most other posts like this, but I was wondering if anyone can give feedback on my gig so I can improve it? Is it good, interesting, weird maybe? Anything I need to change/fix too? Suggestions? Please don’t hold back on my account.

Thank you for your time.

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I believe your description should include more details about your expertise. I don’t know…it’s kinda empty in there. The shortest gig description I’ve seen so far.
“As a side note, I have the right to decline any and all commissions.” I would delete this, it’s unnecessary.
You obviously have great drawing skills, why not make some kind of portraits combined with anime. Something like “I will use your portrait to make an anime character”.
No idea what else I can add.

No this is very helpful thus far. I was aiming for simple and short for the description but now that I know that, I can start there.

i think your price rate are high as basic seller.

What do you mean by basic seller?

i mean if you are starting your career on fiverr, you are charging 25dollar on according to me this price are high as a starter.

First impressions, without reading other comments:

Unless the drawing in your sample video was a personal project or requested to be drawn that way, the sample image you were drawing from had a much smaller chest. I appreciate interpretations and personal styles, but you also have no examples of characters with smaller proportions. If I were looking for an artist for a spread of characters, for example, I would likely skip. Maybe include a FAQ for that? Ex: Can you draw children or elderly characters?

Noticed your examples are also all portrait ratio, as well, which distorts the thumbnails. The wide ratio can enable you to double the number of samples you present, with a bit of editing. Ex:

You might also want to be very careful with the offering of nudes, as that might go against Fiverr TOS. (Non-Permitted Usage)

“And if possible please follow this template below, copy and paste, fill it out, and then send it via private message. This will help me understand what your asking for in your commission.”
‘I’ve provided a simple template below to help with communication for in your commission. Please copy and paste it into a private message with your specifications.’

Continuing, you might want to make the part of the template that’s to be edited not-bold. Ex:
Character Name: (Please state as original or canon/fanart. If canon, specify where its from.)

Next thing that jumps out at me is the request to visit your DA page. Because you’re trying to present your best work, you might want to consider cleaning that up. I went to your ‘Requests’ folder, trying to think like a potential buyer, and I can tell those are older works. (I can say I’m impressed with your improvement, but that’s not what buyers want to see.) Maybe start a ‘portfolio’ account? Not sure what I can offer as a suggestion for that one. (Also, TOS caution.)

Lastly, the section that shows the bit from your profile:
“I also do 2d pixel animation on the side for my indie game group, named 248; currently working on our first 2d Puzzle Platformer, Traversion, using Unity as our game engine. Additionally, I dwell into semi-realistic illustrations and writing my own sci-fi/fantasy novel, but only as practice.”
‘For fun and practice, I dabble in semi-realistic illustration and writing sci-fi/fantasy. I make 2D pixel animation for my indie game group, 248, on the side. We are making a 2D puzzle platformer, Traversion, using Unity as our game engine.’

Hope some of this helps!


I should mention, that you don’t need to be able to draw children, elderly, or different body types, just that you should be clear to potential buyers if you don’t.

Second impressions after reading other comments:
Agree with the ‘right to decline’ comment, but if you’re worried about getting too much work at once, then edit the number you can have in your work queue. If content of request is your concern, be up-front about your limits.
On pricing: nope, seems fine. I’m plenty well aware of the time it takes to create works like that.


Thank you for the post like.
I thought of one more thing for consideration: Each of your packages have (line-art contact me) and color as automatic. IF you did want to lower your base prices, you could alter this an offer each package as the line-art, and make the color a $5 add-on. This would also clean up package descriptions.

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You need to remove your unapproved deviantart website link.

Here is a list of approved links
Scroll to the bottom of the page.

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thank you so much, this has been really helpful!

thanks for the heads up, but it’s a bummer that wix isn’t listed there - made my main portfolio on that platform.

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I haven’t thought of that idea, but sadly, the thing is, I used to price my line art to be half of what my base prices are and I still sort of do on deviantart (for example, headshot color priced at $25, headshot line art priced at $12.50). Sadly, I can’t do that here - I think? I haven’t fully grasped all the features here yet so I may be missing something obvious.

But anyway, again, thank you so much for your help, you are super!

The appropriateness of price is relative to the work being performed.

What this seller is doing takes a lot of time, is a special skill and nothing in their work is scalable. The pricing is actually low.

Never exploit yourself to get a sale. Ever.


As you are on the Fiverr platform suggest you do not refer to other platforms.

Tip: Make sure to carefully read the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page as sharing off Fiverr contact details is listed as a violation.

Enjoy the forum. :slightly_smiling_face: