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Required before work order by my Customer ! for better Work ,

  • WordPress Admin Login
  • If you have not WordPress login !! , Send me
  • i need your hosting login or Cpanel access, (For Generate Access )
  • and theme forest theme !!

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yes , some time forgot pass and user its manually replace need , its is one of the system recover pass Or id , and sometime theme file and Mamore limit is 2M, need 128M+ its do need fix to access

I’m afraid this post won’t help you nor your clients much as it’s difficult to understand what you’re trying to say.

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Although I do translations and not interpretations, I’ll do an exception and try to interpret you, understanding that those are your requierments for you to work on. If so, you should put them on your gig and not on the forum as your (potential) buyers are not here and won’t read this post of yours.

Do not be afraid :blush::heart_eyes: