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Requirement section: "Call me"

Hello everyone.
I need help please, what is the best solution for this case: a buyer typed in the requirement section “call me”, I sent him a message that this is against fiverr rules and to send me the details and files, but I didn’t get any respond, the deadline is close to end. – open a ticket!


I just did, Thank you blaisefaint.

What was the name that the buyer wanted to be called?? I usually don’t wait for the timer to exceed 12 hours if the buyer hasn’t given me all the information needed to complete the task. If the buyer takes long to supply all the required info I would either cancel or request for a delivery extension.

Hi Phantompower, thank you for you fast replie, the buyer gave his phone number and want me to call him to discuss the details of the order.

Tell the buyer you don’t have a phone and the only way you are able to communicate with him or her is through the fiverr inbox.

I already did, I got no respond, what you will do in this case?

Has the buyer already purchased the gig?

Yes and typed in the requirement section “call me on this number”

choose between this three options

  1. Ask support to cancel the order
    2 Click on cancel order on the resolution center
    3 Ask for additional time from the buyer

If you choose 1. Note that you don’t know when support will reply so there is a small chance the order might be late before they reply.
If you choose 2. The timer will stop so the order won’t be late.
If you choose 3. This won’t stop the timer it will only send the buyer a request for time extension, he or she can choose to accept or decline, if and when he or she comes online…

Best solution Click on the cancel option 2 then contact support and send them a screenshot to explain why you cancelled the order and ask them to finalize the cancellation.


OK, Thanks for you help.