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Requirements and Reviews


I’ve just noticed that buyers who i skip their order requirements (as they already sent it) They’re telling me that they can’t leave a review after the order is completed even if they want to but they’re messaging me saying they’re happy with the order but the site doesn’t give them the ability to leave a review.
Is this because i skipped the requirements?


I don’t think it has anything to do with skipping the order requirements (probably just a coincidence). Only 2 days ago, a buyer who had already submitted the order requirements before I sent them a custom offer was able to leave a review (despite having skipped the buyer requirements option in the custom offer).

However, I think it is an ongoing bug. In the last few days, a couple of other sellers/buyers have also created forum posts reporting the exact same issue.

I think you should contact CS.


It might be a problem with your account! I have faced such problem when user can’t leave feedback.

I too skip requirement from user as I already get them inbox but its a problem with the account!

Just contact the CS to get your issue solved :slight_smile: