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Requirements Completed For Top Rated But Not Getting it

I Just Need To Ask Simple Question !

I Have Seen Many People On Fiverr That I Know They Have Completed All The requirements For Top Rated Seller Like Days/Orders/$ Etc

Then Why they Have Not Got Yet

Is There Any Other Requirements As Well For it

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Top rated sellers are chosen manually by Fiverr. You can become a TRS the next day if Fiverr staff believes you are showing a lot of promise. At the same time, there is the potential to never become a TRS.

I was a top rated seller for 5 years, lost it because I had surgery and multiple cancellations. I don’t really miss it, if you have consistent work the 7-day fund release thing is something you don’t really see any major benefits.


Brother I have Already Cancelled Many Orders

So If In Future I Complete all The Requirements You Think i Will Become TRS

You might become a TRS. Or you might never become one. No one knows except Fiverr.

We’re just fellow sellers and the deciding criteria for TRS is somewhat subjective, so we know as much as you do. We don’t have secret insights.

Don’t call people brother on Fiverr or in the forum. It’s unprofessional and you don’t know if the person likes it or not.

Ok I am Sorry ! i Will Not Post Anything Like That Again may be I Never Post Here For Anything

Thank You For Your Informative Responses