Requirements for custom gigs


In order to speed up process and communication for custom gigs there should be option for setting up Custom gig requirements.
So for example if someone wants to ask me more about my OnPage SEO optimization services, I’d like him first to answer questions like:

  • For how many pages you want me to do optimization?
  • Do you want me to do competitor research?
  • Do you want me to do keyword research?
  • Do you want me to write page text?
  • What is your overall budget?
  • Do you have some deadline?

This way I don’t have to ask for all these information in my first message, since they are already answered.

Requirements don’t have to be mandatory, but I would really help to have this feature.
If you like the idea please comment.


I’m a little confused because surely you need this information before you send a custom offer because presumably they will influence the price? With custom offers you have to have a conversation with the buyer before you make the offer anyway.


I am not sure what you wanted to say.
Point is, if there were extra questions when using custom offer, then it would save time.
I often receive one short sentence in custom gig request and then I need to send questions, receive partial answers and then send more questions again and receive more answers before I finally find out what buyer desires.

With custom questionnaire implemented on custom ordering system you can lower this number of Q&A.


So if you send me a custom quote for OnPage SEO optimization and the quote was $50 and included this list of questions, what if I clicked accept on your quote for $50 but in my answers I said that I wanted you to write the text and the # of page is 5000. You couldn’t write text for 5000 pages for $50, much less do any SEO opimization, so it seems to me that the quote isn’t the right place for a list like this.

As @capitalquality send, you would need this info before you even do a quote. Why not just send the buyer a document or PDF with these questions before you even create the quote?


Let’s say Jack wants to buy SEO services from Ann.
Jack decides to ask for custom quote, but he doesn’t know what information he should include in his inquiry.
When he clicks the Request a Custom Order button he has following questions:

  • Describe the service you’re looking to purchase - please be as detailed as possible:
  • Attach the file
  • Choose a category:
  • Select subcategory
  • Choose from the following criteria (Optional):
  • Timeframe
  • What is your budget for this service? (Optional)

These option are useful.
Now imagine if seller could specify a few custom questions the same was as he is doing now for gig requirements.

Last message I received was: plz check and let me know what you can do for me.

This is excellent idea. Can you somehow host a PDF file with questions on Fiverr?
Is it allowed to send such a PDF?


I understand you are trying to streamline your business functions, but let me give you the realistic options here without overwhelming commentary.

As @fonthaunt suggested, create a PDF and send it to every client that needs a custom order after FIRST contact.

No fiverr will not HOST AND DISTRIBUTE automatically such pdfs. There’s not provision for it and I highly doubt they will add this special feature for a handful of people requiring it.

The only pdf Fiverr will allow you to upload is in your individual gig descriptions, along with 3 images and 1 video.



HTML form with questions, the same as in gig requirements, is actually preferable than PDF.


btw I do have an OT question for you.
Why are you not using your local IP instead of using a VPN US server for registration and conducting your business?

You are located in Europe with a GMT +1 time.

You are from SERBIA are you not?


@seoenergycom Whatever works for you, I said .PDF because that’s what would fit my needs. If you already have an idea for a solution to your issue, just use it.

BTW, it is advisable to use your real location and not disguise it.