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Requirements from a New Seller

I’m a new seller, joined just a month ago.I wanna ask that is the time period to acquire the next level fixed? I mean that if a “no-level seller” fails to acquire the next level (Level 1) ,say, after two or three months what will happen next? I’m worried if the result would be something like warning or get banned…

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You need to meet the requirements to level up and boost your sales. You won’t get banned it you don’t. Read more about Fiverr’s Levels System here:

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No, You’re wrong. There are no fixed time for acquire the Level 1 or Level 2 system. Leveling system is totally depending on your expertise and work.

The time period showed on account, It’s just for increase performance or balance your job. I mean If someone have Level 1 in this month, But he failed to continue his good job based on the criteria like response, delivery time etc those person will lost the badge.

Follow the leveling system rules, Hope you’ll get more idea from there.

Thanx for sharing your knowledge and giving suggestion!