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Requirements: Mandatory multiple choice. Confused

Hi! Hypothetical situation: In my gig description I ask buyers to contact me before ordering and I’ll issue a custom offer. In the requirements I would like them to tick the box saying that they have done so. But there is no possibility of a mandatory single choice answer. So I put in the box for the other choice: “No, I did not contact you prior to ordering and I don’t have a custom offer”. But what can the buyer (and I) do if this happens? Once the buyer gets to the mandatory requirement stage, he has already purchased the order. And there is no way to prevent the order from starting (unless I ask them to upload a mandatory attachment instead). The way I see it, there is no point putting anything, since I cannot stop the order from being placed in the first place, nor prevent it from starting…

Edit: the same with the information about revisions in the requirements: “Yes, I agree that revisions are meant to [bla bla]” or “No, I do not agree that revisions [bla bla]”.


I do that with an open Text Field.

If they have gotten this far and write garbage (as some do on my personal forms) that tells me everything I need to know about them :skull_and_crossbones:

You can send a message asking for better info or if they have been a total tool, simply cancel.



Your wording and approach is wrong.

There is no point of having option: “No I did not contact you” in mandatory requirements.

If he clicks that he can technically proceed with order so what do you get with that and him clicking on that?

This is possible. On top, you have a selection: Enable multiple.

I have clients who place order and when they reach this step do not fill it in because they see they do not have it. That prevents order from starting. Once they collect everything they return and continue.


Your approach is better, for sure. But they can still leave some boxes unticked, because with multiple choice answers, although you want them to tick all the boxes, they can instead tick just one, any one. And they can send you some irrelevant attachment, or much more extensive and pricier material than what was agreed before and put together in a custom offer after consultation with them. I am possibly overthinking all this, but with the horror stories I read about here on this forum…

Lightbulb event: Multiple choice answers with all the options identical, lol.

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While you can indeed offer a Q with 295 identical answers, all the same, is it a wise idea or will the person simply feel corralled, or that you are annoying them?



Quite possibly, yes. A bad situation, especially if the buyer is honest and reasonable. One of the reasons for requiring prior conversation with the buyer is to minimize the need for these formalities, for the sake of both buyer and seller, not to increase them.

I had clients that click yes on everything - with all being a lie.
I had clients attaching random screenshots.

I also work in university with adults - and they stick gum under desk, wipe their booger on the table and scratching them self with university triangles and touching calculator screen or solar panel with their finger (this I hate the most).

His cancel request:

If I sound little to angry, he was not the first one that day so I went little overboard with him.


Some you just cannea win with and no amount of saying don’t stick your finger there, they just will anyway. Can’t legislate aginst that. They won’t read it.

This is why we have a Cancel on this loser button. Far better we could do it before a job is considered live & kicking but at least if the Requirement Form comes back with naught but a strange green lump in the corner, we can get a no-fault exit pass.


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That’s a very instructive story. Good for you for trying to set clear terms and for insisting on them. Sellers like these are very needed here. Agreement on a project’s scope should be crystal clear for both parties before it formally starts. If that’s not possible, well… a cancellation is a better outcome.

For complex intricate jobs and categories, it can be very unpredictable to leave to the buyer to decide in which package his project belongs because there are too many variables involved. In book design even designers in big publishing houses, who do not have any character count limits, don’t have their prices for formatting complex books itemized, because it is impossible. They do offer “packages” but at much higher prices than Fiverr, so they can compensate for occasional clueless orders that somehow didn’t get vetted. I guess the same applies to all creative and unquantifiable professions.

YES. Cancellation is our friend, our Judgement of Solomon. Clean.