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Requirements not getting filled out properly


I find it so frustrating that even though Fiverr have added a tick box, buyers still fail to give the requirements I ask of them. I only need a link to their social media profile and a brief description of what they’re after and who their customers are. It’s not hard!! But too often I get “You can work that out for yourself” or nothing at all… and then sometimes they turn around and complain I’ve not targetted their key demographic. Just recently a buyer actually listed three topics, which I did, and then complained what I’d covered (laundry, as requested) was totally irrelevant to their industry (!!!) Really baffling!


I too get buyers who answer with as little detail as possible. Eg. When asked about their business, they will say ‘I do business training’ or whatever. Just a couple words. Nothing to tell me what’s unique about their company or their service…nothing to tell me why someone should purchase their training instead of someone else’s. Which is important to know since I’m a copywriter. For other questions, they will put a dash or just repeat “I do business training” instead of actually answering the question. Even though I have 5-8 questions for each gig and a note asking them to provide as much detail as possible. I’ve never had someone tell me their business was about laundry when it was really about something else, though. That’s quite strange.