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Requirements section on order page missing entirely, order can't start

I see when I contact CS they have one option to report the order page is not loading so this must be a common problem. Funny the CS person didn’t seem to know the order wont start.

So I get penalized for this if I cancel it.

I get this on PC generally

Yes of course but she did not. And its not like that on the order page, all that is missing. It’s a blank white page.

You are not getting what I am trying to say.
You can skip the order requirement on your PC not the buyer.
and later you ask information needed in the inbox.

The order won’t start. I know you can skip it. But all that part is gone. It’s a blank page. There is not any way in he11 to start the order. It’s all gone.

What your desktop showing?

It shows a blank white page instead of the regular order page. That part you showed is not there at all.

Okay, got it. desktop order page is blank. It’s strange.

Like I said they have one option when you report a bug that says “order page not loading” which I checked. But then the CS person didnt seem to know what I meant.

And didnt know when it would be fixed, or if it would affect my stats to cancel the order. And now I dont even know if anyone can order or if I can send custom offers.

What if this keeps happening and I have to keep cancelling orders?

Very sad. If CS are also don’t try to understand. Then what should we do


Right now order page isnt really reliable and may lead me to have to cancel all orders if they cant fill in the requirements. So ordering needs to stop. I might have to pause all my gigs.


As soon as possible Fiverr takes to action & solve the problem.

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Last day I am Faced a problem like … Buyer has requirement but not full fill
At last i have to cancelled the order by fiverr support

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Yay at 4 a.m. my client got an email from CS that she could now leave her requirements so the problem has been solved, THANK YOU TO CS AND ANY OTHER TEAM THAT FIXED THAT MISERABLE BUG.