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Requirements Tab: Rearranging Questions


As far as I know, on the Requirements tab for Creating/Editing a gig, there is no way to reorder the questions/requirements like there is for the FAQ, and it becomes very frustrating when I think of a rather important question (something I feel should be answered first or second) and it will always be at the bottom of the list of requirements. I have had to delete old requirements and then reinsert them, and it’s incredibly frustrating.

I think adding the feature to be able to change the order of the questions/requirements, like in the FAQ, would be helpful and provide a little less frustrating when creating and editing gigs.


Agreed. Being able to move things around - including images! - would be extremely useful.

For now, you just have to create your FAQ in a word (or whatever) document in the right order, then cut and paste them into your gig …


This is so annoying! I’ve noticed gig extras can’t be rearranged either.

I’ve never dealt with fields that can’t be rearranged in any other platform. It’s truly bizarre.

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It’s not like it’s impossible for them to implement, either, since they’ve already done it for FAQ. It seems weird not to do it for other areas.

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