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Research and write a 600 word article


Hello! My name is Amir, a professional journalist and editor with vast experience!

I have been providing content and article writing services since college. My work is different: with award winning stories, my pedigree demonstrates my persuasive and inspiring copy, including blogs.I I have published many research papers in many journal. l have six years experience writing for the web, thousands of published articles and 2 years spent running multinational charities - I’m able to write for different audiences with appropriate clarity and character.My last research paper published in Culcata University in India.
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Good luck Michael Crichton.


There’s a lot of pedigree dogs out there:

Is there some sort of Learn Writing For Sells book out there that tells people to use this in their blurb?

Anyway, your grammar is awful when not copy-pasting whatever the original source is. Please share your research paper with us, as well as your awards and details of which multinational charities you ran, and what caused you to fall so far from grace that you’re now panhandling on the Fiverr forums.



I will write a 500 or more word ORIGINAL article on any topic in 24 hours for $5


Thanks for your inspiration.