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*Research* preferred platforms for promoting your gigs!

Which platform you prefer to use in promoting your gigs here on Fiverr?:thinking:
I know this question is really used, but I’m doing a research about this topic.
Sharing experience with voting because I will consider it in my researches.

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • What’s app
  • Snapchat
  • Fiverr Forum

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Thank you for voting guys,

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It’s never a good idea to spam any of those platforms …

What do you mean exactly?
I don’t think it’s spamming to share your work and gigs with others in your own personal account!

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It really is. Who are your followers? Usually your friends and a few people who want to sell you stuff. Basically, sharing your gigs on your social media sites without giving any value is spamming. It’s “buy my stuff”, which is rarely welcome.

As @jonbaas says over and over - you need to find out where your target market hangs out and then answer their questions, build trust … and then do the “buy my stuff” thing - diplomatically!


Well I agree somehow with most of what you said, but not really exactly.
I can have a personal account on social media but also I can have business account.
My question (topic) was clear or I thought at least, anyhow I believe it depends on the gigs or services that you provide and offer to others, it’s not always “buy my stuff” as you called it.

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About who are my followers question, well everyone knows better who’s their followers, all respect and luck! @coerdelion

I hope to vote guys!

Please promote anywhere other than the forum :v:

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Well it isn’t promoting if you meant my current post, but I believe so that there is a whole category in the forum about sharing your gigs! and it’s a bit like promoting but in a different way:smile: