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I need to hire someone to research retirement plans for specific large companies in the USA.

Which category should I focus on for this particular project? I don’t want to just hire a virtual assistant, I need someone that is very fluent in English, knows Word/Excel, and good at categorizing benefits such as healthcare, types of retirement pay, SS, etc.

I’m not even sure how much work would be involved in something like this so my biggest question is how do I know what is a reasonable price? I found a PRO that does research, but there is guarantee the quality of work I will get.

If I hire an unproven seller and lose a few dozen bucks on bad work that’s just the cost of doing business.

If I lose hundreds of $ on bad work, that’s going to keep me up at night. Unfortunately, not all PRO’s are made from the same cloth.

Any suggestions on what I should look for or recommendation on a seller you know does quality work?



That’s… a lot of good questions.

How many companies? I guess a good starting estimate might be… maybe a half-hour to an hour per company?

Virtual Assistant sounds close, but…

Yeah, that’s kind of a specialized list. How many data points for collection are there? Do you know if this will require calling a company for information or to verify? Or requesting mailed retirement packages/pamphlets/booklets? Or are you fine with strictly what can be found in the online public domain?

I guess…
Base the price on how much information needs to be gathered from how many sources, how difficult it might be to obtain, and organization of said data?

Also, how soon do you need/want it?


Ooh! All excellent points.

I am looking for data points on one particular company only. I don’t want to say which one on the forum.

Retirement benefit package from 2003 to 2008.

It should answer questions such as the following:

  1. Did employees have to pay? Did company match?

  2. If above is true, then is there different retirement amount depending on how much an employee paid?

  3. How long is the pay for and what about the spouse if the the retiree dies?

  4. Does the company allow other benefits such as banking, park discounts for retirees?

I’m guessing about 2 to maybe 3 hours worth of research? If so, what do you think is a reasonable amount per hour?

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Old data. That might be both more and less difficult to get. I’m not sure it would be available online, as that data might be outdated. On the other hand, if you can find an employee (former or current) who still might have their '08 physical retirement package, or maybe request that mailing from the company itself, easy-peasy, but would require reading and parsing the contents. (Which is not nearly as nice or as fast as Ctrl+f.)

If it requires acquiring a physical copy, it’ll take S&H time too.

Though, if you/the seller does get a physical copy, then maybe scan and convert? Then ctrl+f is possible! Though that might require another step and aspect and thus a bit more cost.

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Yikes! In other words, time consuming.

** Sigh ** :disappointed:

Thank you. You saved me a great deal of time from spending endless hours messaging back and forth with numerous sellers. :slightly_smiling_face:

I hate messaging unknown sellers because, unfortunately, it gives them unlimited access to message me requesting work later on. :rage:

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It… depends on the company. And old data archives. And the wayback machine and the like.

Honestly, might be better to split the job into two or three.

Part one is finding the information. It might be faster front-end to just request the info from the company. (Maybe they have a digital version they can send you electronically.)
Two is if it’s physical, scanning and making searchable/readable.
Three is the actual parsing and data organizing and answering the questions you have.

If you break it down like that, then the first task probably isn’t that expensive. Or rather, the job isn’t too big or specialized to one person needing all the skills.

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An SEO person might be a good fit.

They’re crafty researchers and SEO tools let you dig deeper on competitors, discover competitors, etc.

Just focus on someone reputable. There are a ton of unethical and inept SEO sellers here.

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That’s a great idea.

It never crossed my mind. :woman_facepalming: Why didn’t I think of that?


Thanks! Don’t be hard on yourself! I only thought of it because I am using an SEO tool right now.