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Research SEO Keywords And Be Your Keyword Planner

You are interested in making your website rank as number 1 in google. In order to do that, you need to research for SEO key words. But unfortunately, all the keyword research programs are very expensive and you can’t afford to spend money on them without knowing whether you will succeed or you will just waste your money.

That’s the time when you look for a trusted person who can do all the hard work and do all the expensive keyword research for you only for a very low price. I am here to help you with your SEO keyword research and be your keyword planner.

What you will get from my services.

1.The best keywords for your idea.
2.Monthly search volume for all those keywords in google.(Seasonality)
3.CPC(cost per click) for all the words, spent by your competitors
4.competition for all keywords.

5.graphical charts for monthly search volume.(Seasonality chart for the entire year)

A good keyword will have

1.low competition
2.high cpc
3.high monthly search volume.

All of these just for 10$!

I will provide you every key word that is relevant to your idea so that you will have the freedom to choose what you like most. You will be able to use these to rank your website in a very short time. Also I will provide a detailed SEO audit report of your website which will help you to optimize your website more and rank it as number 1 in google.

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